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Seven races in nine days for JP “Bergy” Bergeron at New Smyrna Speedway

NEW SMYRNA, Fla., February 2, 2021 — A big challenge is awaiting the French Canadian driver JP “Bergy” Bergeron at New Smyrna Speedway, in Florida from February 5 to 13. Indeed, the driver who finished 5th at the Red Eye 50/50 on January 2nd on the same circuit will be back behind the wheel of the Pro Late Model #51 car, owned by Race Car Solutions as part of the 55th World Series of Asphalt. The annual event brings together the best American stock car drivers in the Tour Modified and Late Models categories.

Each year, a few Canadian drivers used to take part in the event, which is part of the famous Speedweeks calendar preceding the beginning of the NASCAR season at Daytona International Speedway. Those who were fleeing the Quebec winter for a few days of racing are facing this year the restrictive measures surrounding Covid-19 that limits the passage of racing equipment at the Canada-U.S. border. Thus, Bergeron is the only driver from Quebec to participate in the World Series of Asphalt this year. Ontario veteran Jerry Artuso is also among the drivers competing in the Pro Late Models category.

“I intend to give it my all for this intensive week. I had the chance to practice in a Super Late Model two weeks ago with Mario Gosselin from DGM Racing. I became familiar with an even faster car and it gave me confidence,” said Bergeron, who managed to set pole times of 17:71 seconds/lap. Mario Gosselin noticed the seriousness and the potential of the young driver. “JP didn’t take long to climb the stockcar ladder. His transition from the Late Model to the Pro Late Model to the Super Late Model puts him in a position of constant learning, but he’s progressing quickly,” said Gosselin, owner of DGM Racing (where Quebec driver Alex Labbé is racing in NASCAR Xfinity series).

The #51 Pro Late Model car that Bergeron will drive in the coming days is being prepared by Race Car Solutions, a well-known team in the United States. Last year, it is none other than its owner, Jamie Skinner, who was crowned champion in the same category for the World Series of Asphalt. “It bodes well! I had the chance to race the Red Eye 50/50 with them earlier this year. It gave me a chance to get to know the team and the car, and to learn how to work with my scout Michael Lira,” added Bergeron.

Ten years ago, another Canadian driver Martin Latulippe shone on the half-mile oval of the New Smyrna Speedway at the same event, winning nothing less than the championship title in Pro Late Model. To date, he is the only French Canadian to have won this title.

The races of the World Series of Asphalt will be broadcast live on the NBS Sports Gold website via the following link: However, access is restricted to users in the United States only. Canadians who wish to view the races will need a VPN connection.

About Race Car Solutions

Race Car Solutions is a reputable racing team with state-of-the-art cars that specializes in driver development, track and shop services, manufacturing and car rentals. The owner, Jamie Skinner, himself a professional race driver, competed in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at the age of 19, and then went on to compete in the NASCAR Xfinity series. He is the son of NASCAR champion Mike Skinner. The RCS team is well-known for winning numerous podium finishes each year at the World Series of Asphalt in New Smyrna, Florida.

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