Our Journey So Far

Born to Compete


It all started in 2016, when Jean-Philippe followed the path of his dad, by joining the Cup Lite serie at Icar racetrack. Little did he know, his performance would impress Martin and Marc, to the point that they started elaborating a plan for Jean-Philippe to race in higher categories.





Jean-Philippe continued racing in the Cup Lite serie, and won his first championship. He also shared a racecar with Olivier Bédard, another talented young racecar driver, in a American Canadian Tour (ACT) season.



Jean-Philippe had his first full time season in the Canadian Stock-Car Championship (former ACT Serie). He secured his first top 10 at the second start of the season (5th career start) and fought for the Rookie of the year title. He obtained the title at the last race of the season and  finished 6th in the overall standings.

Rookie of the year title, 2018 


Jean-Philippe raced part time in the Nascar Late Model at Autodrome Chaudières at Vallée-Jonction. He also raced part time in Late Model sportsman (LMS).


This year's season has been shorten because of the Global COVID-19 pandemic, but Prolon Racing Team still manage to do five LMS races. Jean-Philippe had great performances: 3 podiums. One win, one second position and one third position. It was definitely a year to remember. 


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Jean-Philippe Bergeron



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